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eyebrow curlers
Marilyn Monroe pin cushion

eyebrow curlers made of dyed velcro and
drinking straw for comedian Paul Foot

Marilyn Monroe one-pin
pin cushion

Super Deluxe Advanced Mastermind


a more challenging homemade version of
Mastermind with 11 colors and 7 holes

inside cathedral chair
cathedral chair
corn costume

cathedral chair made with coil springs, webbing,
stuffing, fabric, tacks, and exposed walnut

corn costume

steel rings
weaving rope
view from ladder top
rope fort

7-foot diameter hanging rope fort made with rolled welded steel rod,
2x4 ladder steps, and lots of rope that was spliced, knotted, and woven

Who shoebox stage
Who shoebox
Who shoebox peephole

6th grade music class project: The Who rock a shoebox. The viewer looks through the peephole to become part of the audience. Pete Townshend's arm, cranked by a wire,
spins for his trademark windmill move.

light table
light table wheels

light table made from frosted glass, painted wood, and an antique hospital gurney

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